Who is Netcon Industry?

Netcon Industry is a young and innovative company specialized in project designing in electrical transmission and distribution systems, protection coordination and its application.  

Netcon, while giving field services in medium and high voltage plants such as secondary protection relay tests, reporting and commissioning; produces suitable solutions in accordance with client’s needs and requests in project designing, project revision, software supported analyses studies and protection systems. 

Apart from all these activities, Netcon Industry is the representative of VAMP protection relays in Turkey. Netcon offers VAMP products with project design, commissioning and technical support, in other words with added engineering value.


Test Services

Netcon Industry offers services in testing and reporting of protection relays of every branch within their periodic maintenance or process of new plants’ preliminary approval.

Netcon Industry also operates in primer equipment tests.

>> Test Services


VAMP Protection Relay Products

Netcon Industry retails VAMP protection relays and provides technical support

>> VAMP Protection Relay Products

Project Designing and Consultation

Netcon Industry apart from providing after–sales service & technical support also undertakes engineering and project designing studies thus giving its clients assistance during the construction of the project and its planning.

>> Project Designing and Consultation
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